Old keys. We all have them. They’re floating around in our kitchen junk drawers, sitting in a dish on our counter along with spare change or other trinkets, or maybe even still hanging on our key rings. It’s remarkably easy to amass a small collection of these old keys. Whether they’re for homes you don’t live in or cars you don’t have or locks you can’t find, the question is always this: what do you do with those keys? Don’t just throw them away! University Park Locksmith has several creative and unique ideas for what to do with your old keys.


If you think your old keys are only good for adding junk to your junk drawer, think again! There are several ways you can put your old keys to work around your house.

  • Clean your shoe treads – It’s a dirty job that can take a long time to try to do using just your fingers or a towel. Keep an old key near where you take your shoes off, and use it to get in between the treads on your shoes for a more thorough – and much easier – tread-cleaning process. Kids who hate to clean their own shoes will get into the chore when they get to use a fun tool that easily fits in their hands to do it!
  • Open bottles– Keep an old key or two handy near a beer cooler at your next party. They make really clever and very effective bottle openers for your guests’ beer, and will give your guests something to talk about. Click this link to read the full article UNIVERSITY PARK LOCKSMITH – WHAT TO DO WITH OLD KEYS